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Patch Management for Small and Medium Business

This service includes a monthly checkup of each computer and server.  All needed patches will be installed, the antivirus and firewall updates and subscriptions will be confirmed and intrusion detection will be monitored.  Any emergency patches required throughout the month will be installed as they become available.  A virus scan will be scheduled to run after the service is performed.  If necessary, a report on each computer patched will be sent to you along with any recommendations.

Antivirus, Firewall, and Intrusion Detection are all monitored

We can begin the service at any time.  We recommend starting the program as soon as possible.  The price for this remote service is $35.00 per computer per month.  The onsite service is $45.00 per computer per month.  As part of this, T. J. Smith Consulting will purchase the necessary patch management and update software to be used in your office.  We would like your OK to try this for three month and then continue on a month-to-month basis.

Just turn on your computer and we do the rest

To perform the updates, computers must be running.  To avoid interruptions, it is best to run the updates after hours, but they can be run at any time.  We schedule the service on the same day each month.  For instance, the first Tuesday of each month?  We can call to remind each user to leave their computer on that night.  If we miss one, we can run the service the following night, and the next night, etc. until each computer is updated.

We make it easy

The expert agree that systems that have the latest patches installed and are running up to date antivirus software are less likely to suffer a crippling attack.  There is nothing to buy.  All necessary software and setup is provided.   Contact T. J. Smith Consulting now.  Get started today.  Tomorrow may be too late.

Free VPN Router

If you subscribe to our service with at least 10 desktops or servers, you may qualify for a free Virtual Private Network router.  This not only allows DESKTOP DEFLECTIONS to be run remotely, saving you time and money, but also allows you any your employees to tele-commute.

Special Needs

Do you have applications or systems that require special needs?  Special services include Backup Monitoring, Spyware detection, or password changing.  Although there may be an additional setup and monthly charge for some services, we can accommodate your request.  Just tell us about it and we will include it in our monthly patch update.