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From initial consultation through evaluation, planning, purchase, implimentation, training, and on-going support, T. J. Smith Consulting will be with you every step of the way.  Catering to small business cliets has kept us sensitve to the cost / benefits of each IT decision.  Experience has taught us what works and what to avoid. 

The dependence on the internet as a basic business tool has opened your business and therefore your livelihood to unimaginable dangers.  We have all, quite literally become front line soldiers in the ongoing war on terror. 

Most small business do not have an IT staff.  Instead someone is informally assigned the responsiblity of maintaining the firms IT infrastructure in addition to their other duties.  In the press of business, this IT function can take a back seat.  This can lead to potentially devasting consequences.

T. J. Smith Consulting offers a monthly service called DESKTOP DEFENSE.  It is a preemptive approach to small business IT security.  For about one dollar per day, your computer is installed with the latest security patches, its antivirus subscription and updates are monitored, and any Homeland Security recommended emergency security measures are taken on your behalf.