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Business Class IT Solutions

The time has come to make the move to web-based Software as a Service (SaaS).  The era of owning and maintaining your information infrastructure is passing quickly.  T. J. Smith Consulting is actively moving clients to this sensible information solution.

Most small and medium enterprises have limited resources.  Eliminating servers, software purchases, and the outrageous burden of support is a model most companies are following.

Contact T. J. Smith Consulting today with your application needs.  We will locate and present the most ideal solutions just for you.

See the Utility Computing link for a partial list of the categories we provide.

Business Class IT Support

If something does happen to your computer, server, LAN, or WAN, we can help.  When one or every computer in your office has a problem, call us.  We specialize in solving system wide and long standing information system problems.  Our focus is on small office workgroups and information systems with less than 50 computers.